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Child Failing Class

Tips to Help a Child Failing Class

In order to help a child failing class, there are some things that can be done.
Be Proactive: Parents need to contact the teacher when they first start to notice the child is having difficulty in class. Follow up and develop a plan with the teacher for collaboration. The teacher can have better insight into the specific skills that need to be acquired in order to pass.
Set Expectations: To help a child failing class, you need to set expectations and follow through with them. This can be something small, such as working on spelling words for five minutes before bed or making sure books are brought home for the right homework. Give the appropriate praise and reinforcement contingent on completing the tasks.
Look for Underlying Problems: When discussing the child failing class with a teacher, be on the lookout for underlying problems. Could the child be forgetting to write down homework assignments or do other activities or students distract him or her? Is there an underlying learning disability?

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