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Child Psychologist - Educational Psychologist

How Does a Child Psychologist - Educational Psychologist Help?

A child psychologist - educational psychologist can help in a number of different ways. An education psychologist works with local authorities and with families to help children achieve their potential. A child psychologist - educational psychologist will support schools to improve a child’s learning experience.
They are trained in psychology and also have knowledge of child development to help assess difficulties children can be having with their learning. They provide training on how schools can help children and give advice. These strategies can include different teaching approaches, improvements to the learning environment, and advice on curriculum. An education psychologist is kept up to date on the latest best practices.
A child can come to the attention of an educational psychologist in different ways. If a child is born with a condition that means they could have learning disabilities, he or she will be a part of the multi-agency assessment team. If a child is already in school, support needs can be picked up on during normal classroom teaching and play.

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