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Marriage Counselling

And Therapy

Some Things to Consider with Marriage Counselling And Therapy

Marriage counselling and therapy will typically bring together partners for joint therapy sessions. When you work with a therapist, you will learn skills to solidify your relationship, such as problem solving and open communication.
It can be hard to talk about your problems with a therapist. Your session may be in silence and you and your partner may be angry over perceived wrongs. You may also yell or argue during the session. Both situations are okay. You can also go by yourself. If your partner refuses to attend, you can go alone but it can be harder to work on your relationship this way. Therapy is usually short term. Some will only need a few marriage counseling And therapy sessions while others will need more. The specific plan will depend on your situation.
You may have homework during the process and your therapists can suggest exercises at home to help your practice what you have learned during the session.

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