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Occupational Therapy Near Me

Why You May Need Occupational Therapy Near Me for Your Kids

Some think that occupational therapy near me will only be for adults since children don’t actually have occupations but it can also be used for children. A child’s main job is learning and playing and occupational therapists can help with these skills. Therapists can help compare children with what is developmentally appropriate for their age group. Kids with certain medical problems may benefit from occupational therapy near me for a number of reasons. These medical conditions include birth injuries or birth defects, learning problems, traumatic injuries, autism, developmental delays, broken bones or orthopedic injuries, cancer, certain chronic illnesses, and post-surgical conditions.
An occupational therapist can work with kids to help with fine motor skills so they can release and grab toys and develop good handwriting skills. Therapists can also address hand-eye coordination to improve both school and play skills. Occupational therapists are able to evaluate a child’s need for specialized equipment, such as communication aids, splints, or wheelchairs.

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