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Why Choose Our Independent Therapist Team?

We work with the child in context and, therefore, can work closely with parents and educators, when it is needed. Therapists make use of a whole-child integrated approach which considers the interplay between emotional, physical, social, behavioural and cultural factors. Therapy goals are set in collaboration with parents. Parental/Caregiver involvement in the therapy process is vital and significantly influences the therapy outcomes.

If you or an educator are concerned about your child or you have been advised that your child would benefit from one of the interventions offered at our Center, please feel free to contact us to make an appointment or for further discussion.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To assist children and the community where possible to learn, develop and grow within an accepting, supportive, nurturing Family Therapy Center context where barriers and obstacles in the school, home and social environment can be addressed ; so that children, parents and individuals have the supportive tools and remedies to cope, overcome and over reach their full-potential and happy state of emotional well-being.

To provide a holistic assessment and therapeutic Center that places the client at the heart of the Center’s values, by caring, protecting and exceeding Clients expectations, every day. To further continue bringing new methods, procedures and processes that can be accessible to all children, adults and individuals who need them. The vision is to facilitate the growth and happiness in as many people as possible so that they can enjoy the small and big things in life and be successful in life.

Learning Difficulties at School are Manageable
Child Psychologist Observing Play
Child Playing with Child Psychologist
A Child Psychologist Can Help Your Child

Three Principles

Professional Assessment

Confidential Therapy


The process of testing that uses a combination of techniques to help arrive at some hypotheses about a person and their behavior, personality and capabilities.

A high standard of care, professionalism and communication are provided in our assessment reports with immediate and friendly feedback.

The process of receiving private assistance with physical, mental or emotional problems that is designed to help the client to deal with emotional, physical and psychological difficulties.

What was discussed with the client, remains confidential. In this way optimal therapy can be conducted and a safe setting is created in-line with HPCSA standards.

The Center has a direct affiliation with Pinnacle College Founders Hill. This offers parents, children and educators a well-located and convenient location to attend to assessment and therapy without delay.

We are in the Greenstone | Founders Hill Area offering services for the greater Johannesburg area.

Family Counseling Near Me is a Great Choice
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