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Remedial Therapy
Math Clubs as part of Remedial Therapy
Remedial Therapy Goals
Children and Teens in Remedial Therapy

Remedial Therapy or “Assisted Learning” aids children with the necessary attention and time needed (one-on-one or small groups) in grasping the fundamental building blocks for their educational journey. From extra Math, English, Reading and Writing fundamentals needed to accelerate your child’s independence and growth.

Our Offering Grade R-12

  • Study Skills

  • Spelling & Numeracy

  • Rave-O Reading Programme

  • Reading Remediation

  • Comprehension Skills

  • Language Skills

  • Written Expression

  • Phonics Programme

  • Vocabulary Enrichment

Having Learning difficulties? See our child psychologist or find a psychologist near me in Greenstone Hill , Founders Hill , Kemption Park Modderfontein.

Child psychologist assisting with Remedial Therapy
Remedial Therapy
Mathematical Signs
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