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Successful Speech Therapy
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Speech Therapy
Speech Therapy
Speech Therapy
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Speech Therapy

Speech-Language Therapy can assist in many learning areas for children of all ages and backgrounds. Speech language therapists assist with pronunciation difficulties, language disorders and delays, auditory processing skills, phonics skills, and reading and spelling skills (including Dyslexia). Literacy intervention is a large focus when working with school-aged children and many reading intervention programs and groups are available. Early intervention is essential for children who are struggling academically, especially with reading and spelling skills, as this helps us to prevent further learning disabilities and delays in academic work. The aim with speech therapy is to bridge the gap

for children and to improve their confidence.

Our Offering Grade R-12

  • Assessments and Therapy

  • Dyslexia Assessments

  • Reading Groups | Reading and Spelling

  • Pronunciation Difficulties

  • Language Enrichment

  • Auditory Processing Skills

  • Phonics and Pre-literacy Skills

  • Hearing Screening

Speech Therapy with an Adult
Alphabet Letter D for Speech Therapy
Baby in Speech Therapy
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