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Child Psychologist Near Me

What Does a Child Psychologist Near Me Do?

A child psychologist near me can help assess and treat both children and adolescents. Children psychologists help kids cope with death, family and school transitions, divorce, or other issues that affect them and their families. The behavioral, mental and emotional disorders that affect children are usually treated differently than adults. A child psychologist will work with a minor child on a one-on-one basis to talk candidly and build trust. A child’s caregivers or other important individuals, such as a teacher, can also be involved in the treatment process.
A child psychologist near me may have clientele that includes children with developmental issues or learning disabilities. Some problems that can be treated include attention deficit disorder, adjustment disorder, autism, phobias, and obsessive compulsive disorder.
Child psychology is one of the specialties that focuses on the formative years. Clinical psychologists will receive more training in giving long-term mental health therapy than school psychologists do.

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